Citizen Science – engagement and awareness in Bulgaria

Citizen Science as a term needs to be better adopted in Bulgaria. However, associated practices are implemented, mainly in citizen engagement and awareness. The Sofia Science Festival is being held for the fourteenth time in a row to introduce knowledge seekers to the latest discoveries and innovations on topics such as Health, Technology, Space, Science […]

Citizen science at ULSIT: A tool for a better world to live in

Citizen science (CS) is a broad field with many aspects that confront the modern world with various challenges. The understanding and functions of the information society depend on the critical interpretation of the activities in this scientific field. ULSIT is a university that preserves spirituality and transmits it through the generations to move into the […]

ULSIT and the implementation of Open Science

ULSIT is a boutique university that preserves spirituality – the documents of the past to pass on to the modern world for the future. This is our mission in modern science – open to people. Students have the unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with authentic documentary evidence and to use the publicly available databases built […]