The consortium is composed of partners with complementary profiles: five HEIs and their libraries (SDU, UNITO, ULSIT, UCY, UP), a university and national library (NSK), a university library (UNILIB) and the Association of European Research Libraries (LIBER). The consortium has been selected in order to orchestrate the mainstreaming of practices in South-eastern European countries (BG, CY, EL, HR, IT, RS), that perform less well in Open Science and Citizen Science and have a low awareness of or involvement in major development in these fields. Each of the six countries above is represented and will pilot the practice of citizen-enhanced Open Science at their premises. Within the consortium, knowledge transfer will be guided by LIBER (project coordinator) and The University Library of Southern Denmark (DK), whose expertise in Open Science and Citizen Science activities will be utilised to empower academic libraries in SE countries to develop further as knowledge hubs by upskilling staff in the connections between OS and CS.