• Project acronym: CeOS_SE
  • Full project title: Citizen-Enhanced Open Science in Southeastern Europe Higher Education Knowledge Hubs
  • Project duration: 3 years 
  • Number of partners: 8
  • Contact: ceosproject@gmail.com
  • Funding: This project is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme under Cooperation Partnerships in Higher Education.


  • Raise awareness of mainstream Open Science (OS) and Citizen Science (CS) practices in Southeastern European countries, specifically in countries that have been seen to perform less well in OS or CS, or where there is limited awareness of or involvement in major developments related to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).
  • Monitor performance and processes regarding Open Science and Citizen Science implementation, document, and publicly share best practices in a FAIR way.
  • Engage non-expert groups of the public in social participation and collaboration when it comes to OS and CS.
  • Highlight and address the challenges faced by Southeast Europe and give increased visibility to these regions on the topic.
  • Raise awareness of the potential and value of embracing the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Southeastern European countries.
  • Empower academic libraries in Southeastern European countries to develop further as knowledge hubs by upskilling staff when it comes to the connections between OS and CS.
  • Pilot the practice of CeOS at the library premises of Southeastern European research libraries directly, so that they are able to support inclusive higher education systems and be more explicit when it comes to OS and CS topics that rely on working together with external stakeholders.
  • Transfer knowledge regarding OS and CS from countries more developed in these areas.