Published thematic collection “Bees, life, people” as a result of citizen science activity

One month after the National and University Library Zagreb carried out their first CeOS_SE citizen science activity, the thematic collection “Bees, life, people” was published at the Croatian Web Archive (HAW). The thematic collection is a joint product of the City Library Ivanić-Grad, students of the High School “Ivan Švear” Ivanić Grad, librarians – subject specialists of the User Services Department and HAW employees of the National and University Library in Zagreb.

How was the collection made?

Students submitted URLs and default search keywords using the Google Form. Some of the keywords they used were, for example, beekeeping, beekeeping associations, melittology (study of bees), bee evolution, types of bee products, apitherapy, bee diseases and protection and beekeeping tourism. Searching the web, students sent URLs of thematic portals, parts of web pages, PDF publications, news on news portals and posts from thematic blogs. The selection criteria for cataloguing and archiving were adhered to when selecting content for the thematic collection. Students had a week to submit content and submitted a total of 120 URLs.

The received URLs had to be reviewed and sorted into tables in order to organize the content, which was done by librarians – subject specialists who added more content to complete the collection. Harvesting was carried out and 145 URLs with a total size of 239 GB were collected.

What does the collection contain?

The thematic collection “Bees, life, people” brings together online content related to bees and their important role in the ecosystem, and is permanently available to all interested researchers and the general public. The collection follows the goals of UN AGENDA 2030 for sustainable development, goal 4 (quality education) and goal 15 (life on land), and is involved in the implementation of the European Year of Youth, which focuses on learning, green transition and the digital future. The collection is also an indicator that by cooperating with citizens, as well as by cooperating with the public library, it is possible to successfully carry out a citizen science activity.

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